Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kathy’s Special Children Recipe

I love all the children ones!  So true.

Recipe taken from – Texas State Foster Parents (1989)

4 c sunshine
1 sprinkle dew
1 tiny cloud (plenty silver lining)
½ c twinkles
1/3 c moonshine

Take all ingredients and mix well.  Add to taste kindness, gentleness, loyalty, laughter, tears (just a dash), cheerfulness, honor and courtesy.  Stir carefully and season with love of family, country and above all God; religion which is the never-fail ingredient; nature with many lessons; immortality which is God within us; and patriotism to our flag and country.  Let this mixture age for 15 years, and watch the happy children grow.  

P.S. Optional addition is 1 ounce of mischief.

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