Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chewy Brownies

My husband loves anything chocolate but me not so much so all the desserts I fix are usually chocolateless but the other day was our 5 year anniversary so I thought I would surprise him and make him brownies.  He loved his surprise and said they were delicious.  He gave them 10 stars and said they were better than boxed!  I tasted them and they tasted like brownies…duh!!:)

These were super easy to make.  My 20 month old son helped.  He loves dumping the ingredients in the bowl and helping stir.  It’s nice to know they are homemade because they don’t have all the preservatives that give box brownies a crazy long shelf life.  That makes you feel a little less guilty in eating them….right??!!...

I did not put nuts in the mix and I put slightly heaping tablespoons of coco.  I cooked them for 30 minutes.  When I cut into them they wanted to crack apart a little but not to bad….I’m not sure why though.

Recipe Taken from – County Heritage Cookbook (1976)

1 stick butter
1 c sugar
3 T cocoa
2 eggs
2/3 c flour
½ tsp vanilla
½ c nuts, chopped

Melt butter, mix cocoa with sugar and add to butter; mix well.  Add the eggs, then the flour.  Add nuts and vanilla last.  Bake in a square pan at 325 for 20 or 25 minutes.


  1. I just pulled brownies out of the oven (no lie!) I will have to try these next time for sure because they look delicious :-)

  2. Hubby said they were great. I asked him like a million times b/c I was like your my only source and I have to make sure you really like them since I can't give an opinion!!:)

    Let me know if you do try them...there are several brownie recipes in the books so I might try some more but first let's make some not chocolate stuff!!