Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Cookie or A Kiss

I love this one for so many reasons but one I'll share with you.  I've always told my husband before we ever had children that I was going to bake them cookies so when they came home from school they would always have a treat waiting for them.  He thinks I'm crazy and laughs and tells me our kids are going to be on the heavier side if I do that every day!  But when I saw this it made me smile and it let me show my sweet hubby that my idea wasn't so far off!  So bake your sweet precious children some cookies today and greet them with a hug, a kiss, and a cookie!  That's where memories are made.

Recipe taken from – W.M.U Centennial Cookbook (1988)

A household should have a cookie jar,
For when it is half past three
And children hurry home from school
As hungry as can be.
There is nothing quite so splendid
For filling children up
As spicy, fluffy ginger cakes
And milk from a cup.

A house should have a mother
Waiting with a hug
No matter what a boy brings home
A puppy or a bug.
For children only loiter
When the bell rings to dismiss
If no one’s home to greet them
With a cookie or a kiss!

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